There are various membership classes for NASAAEP described below. NASAAEP is open to individuals and organizations. Please use the online membership application to apply for membership.

Voting Group Memberships – Voting State/US Territory Program Managers

The members of the group shall be designated by the state/territory which they will represent.  The selection of State program members requires the approval of the applying State/Territory Chief Animal Health Official (CAHO).  The individual in this membership will be the primary voting individual for NASAAEP representing their State/Territory.


National Programs Group Membership

Non-profit  and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Non-voting membership.


Individual Membership

Members may come from state or local programs, Volunteer Organizations Involved in Disasters (VOADs) and the general public.


Local Programs Group Membership

Members may come from local response organizations or groups.  Non-voting status.

Corporate Partners Group Membership

Non-voting members.

Federal Planning Partner Membership

Federal agencies such as US Department of Agriculture, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Department of Health and Human Services, etc. may be designated as Federal Planning Partners of NASAAEP.  Due to the essential nature of state-federal partnership, there is no cost to Federal agencies to become Federal Planning Partners.  Federal Planning Partners do not have voting rights.