Animal Decontamination

Recent events worldwide have shown the need for effective decontamination of animals.  Oil spills, flooding, and radiological disasters all have an effect on companion animals, wildlife, and livestock.  While there are some established and proven methods for decontaminating birds and mammals contaminated in oil spills, little research has been done on developing effective decontamination methods for radiological, chemical, and biological contamination of pets or livestock.

The NASAAEP Animal Decontamination Best Practices Working Group investigates current methods of decontamination and their effectiveness, and explores the feasibility of untried, unproven, or theoretical decontamination practices.  We also investigate the practicality of using both commercial decontamination equipment and makeshift equipment created from commonly-available items.  Our goal is to produce reference materials such as the ones contained on this website that can be useful to professionals who are involved in decontamination of companion animals and livestock.

While we have not tried to anticipate every animal decontamination contingency that could occur in these reference materials, we have assembled some best practices that should be useful in a wide range of situations requiring animal decontamination.

The Animal Decontamination White Paper  is available.